our wish - that each child attend a school that is healthy and eco-friendly

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Download our Eco Safe Schools Program
to help make your school healthy and sustainable.


Eco Kido is a non profit that creates funds to help schools get healthy and go green!

We need your help to fund schools in dire need of healthy classrooms. Children spend up to 6-8 hours a day in these environment. They should prosper not only academically but be able to grow up without health problems nor should the earth suffer.

We are currently looking for partners, sponsors and advertisers to help our children have toxin free, organic,
healthy and eco friendly schools.

Find out if the air outside your child’s school is healthy - Do you know how clean your air is, really? Well according to this new study from Environmental Protection Agency, you do now. Some of the information is daunting and some is reassuring.

Why not to use Anti-bacterial soaps
- Would you wash your hands with pesticides? As a parent I am urging all schools, restaurants, gyms, households and stores to stop the use of ALL products with Tricolsan. Tricolsan is an ingredient in antibacterial soaps and lotions that is made from a chemical called chlorophenol, which is suspected of causing cancer in humans.

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